Virtual Assistants (VA) play a significant role in streamlining your business processes resulting in more efficient operations. They help scale your business as a result of a more efficient use of your time, money, and other resources.

However, all of these would not be possible without proper training.

Like your regular office employees, virtual assistants require training to get them up to speed about your particular needs. Even seasoned professionals will require some form of training to accomplish this goal.

The Why

Providing proper training to your VAs equips them with the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to complete the tasks that come with the job. This ensures that the tasks you assign them are completed according to your expectations. You may even get lucky and get results that blow your mind!

You’ll be more confident of their output and for their part, the VAs will be more motivated to perform well because they are provided an environment where they can excel.

Keep in mind, though, that training is an ongoing process and should be done every time a new process, technology, or software is introduced.

The How

Video Guides

You can provide your VAs with a detailed walkthrough of the steps needed to complete the tasks live. As you move along, you can answer questions that they may have or further expound on steps that may still be unclear. This ensures that all aspects of the tasks are covered and that your VAs understand the process that needs to be followed.

Typical platforms that you can use for this include DiscordZoomSkype, and more.

Alternatively, you can make a recorded version of the guide if you can’t do it live. One advantage of this is that you can use the walkthrough for future VAs as well.

You can use Loom, a Google Chrome extension, to record the video. You can also use OBS Studio, a free and open-source software, to capture the recording, or even stream it live.

Text Guides

This is the more traditional guide as compared to videos, but it still gets the job done, especially for those who prefer to read instructions over watching them. Create a step-by-step text guide, adding screenshots to highlight key points or clarify steps that you think may be confusing to the VAs.

Don’t be afraid to be as detailed as possible. You wouldn’t want any confusion with your instructions.

You can use Google Docs or simply email the guide

The Summary

Training your VAs will surely require time and effort on your part, but it’s the best way to ensure a successful partnership between you and them.

The more training you provide, the better they’ll be at their job to the point where they’ll develop enough expertise to allow them to take on more complex tasks.

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