Businesses that want to scale or improve their processes commonly encounter problems with manpower and capital. While they may be able to handle their core processes well enough, they are left to contend with the challenge of allocating limited resources to project management and administrative functions – functions that are essential for growth.

An efficient way to address this bottleneck is to outsource these functions. 

Outsourcing is the process of hiring a third party, particularly from another geographic location or time zone, to perform specific tasks for a specified length of time and pay. This third party is usually a professional or an organization that has expertise in the pertinent areas.

So why outsource?

Improves operational efficiency

By outsourcing project management, administrative functions, and time-consuming processes, the business is able to offload these tasks to a professional or a team that is already an expert in the field.

This frees up the need to hire and train staff to handle these tasks. Instead, the business is able to leverage the expertise of these professionals, eliminating the need to spend time and resources to train on-site personnel. As an added bonus, the cost of hiring these offshore professionals is significantly lower.

This results in improved operational and cost efficiency since the business can give more focus on its core processes instead of worrying about other operational activities.

Allows Focus on Core Process

Once the non-core tasks have been outsourced, the business is now better able to focus much-needed time and resources to the core operational activities.

For example, if the business is an Amazon Seller or a Shopify drop shipper, outsourcing the more repetitive tasks like writing product descriptions, uploading images, and processing orders will allow one to focus more on product sourcing, marketing, and growing the store.

Thus, the business is able to improve on its core processes and at the same time ensure that the other tasks, mundane and all, are done as well.

Provides 24/7 Presence

Outsourcing allows a business to make sure that someone is always working particularly during the off hours. This way, there is always a person from another timezone who can accommodate queries from customers regardless of the time. 

If the business is based in the US, outsourcing tasks like customer support to a worker from another timezone will ensure that inquiries and concerns are consistently handled by a fresh pair of eyes.

Finding the right outsourcing services can be quite a challenging task. Fortunately, there are companies like 24/7 Virtual Agent Philippines that specialize in providing various services for businesses looking to outsource.

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